Thursday, August 25, 2005

Love letters #3,4,5,6,7,8 from Kath, circa 2000

These are letters (not all of them are love letters - some are breakup and post breakup) from Kath, received in the year 2000. As I copy these letters from paper the urge becomes stronger and stronger to play the role of editor - I feel like I need to explain the embarrasing content or change the words so they don't seem so cheesy - and to amend any spelling or grammatical errors, however it is important that I don't do this because when I read back on them in 20 years I want to remember the people exactly as they came across in their letters.

Dear ----,
Sorry I didn't say goodbye, but you looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you. Thanks for last night, the last night I will ever have you touch me the way I allowed you to completely. I will miss that. I understand how you feel and given enough time I guess I will feel the same. I want you as a friend, to lose that would hurt me deeply.


I hope you have a good day in bed. I finish work at 4pm, you can give me a call and we can catch up if you want.
Miss you already.
Sweet dreams,

Dear ----,
Sorry I was late. Things came up unexpectedly. I got here at 2:30pm but you were obviously out having fun. Call me when you get in,
Ps - I need to talk to you.

Dearest --- _---
I hope you had a great day. Sorry for acting funny earlier, I'm not sure what's getting to me. I don't meat to take it out on you, you don't deserve it at all, and for that I'm sorry. So here, I'll give you back your flower to say sorry to you. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Until then stay cool and keep smiling.
Lots of luv and heaps of hugs,

Hey, oh sexy one,
Your little sex goddess has done all that you asked of her and is always willing to do much, much more. Although I am unable to await your home coming, I am thinking about you constantly. Until we meet again I can only but dream of running my long slender fingers through your thick black hair, grabbing a firm hold of your well formed ass, all the while having our lips meet totally by chance and out tongues feeling nothing but pleasure.
Yours faithfully, lying (naked) in a bath full of rose petals.
Mysterious Mistress

Dear ---_---
I am writing to you to once again say sorry. Partly for the outcome, although I truly belive it was for the sbest for both of us, but mostly sorry about hurting you and losing someone whom I genuinely did and still do care about. I felt so upset after what I did that I wasn't sure what to do with myself. After work I found myself driving to your house. I'm not sure why, but I did. I just sat there and cried because I wanted to see you and hug you but I couldn't. I just want you to understand that for me it was a loss too. You made me happier when you rang me on Sunday night and told me you wanted to be friends. I do realize how hard that will be for you and that I probably don't deserve it. I will be even happier if it works. I have been thinking about you a lot. I always want to come home and ring you to ask you about your day or tell you about mine, like we used to. But I don't, I realize things have to change. I don't know how its going to happen. I don't know what you need from me or how you want this friendship to work. All I do know is that I want it to work. A part of me thinks I will make a far better friend than I ever did a girlfriend to you.
Lots of luv
Heaps of hugs

Dear ----,
Hi, how are you? How's work been treating you? You may ask why I'm writing to you, well its because you once told me you liked to redcieve a letter in the mail. So here it is. I have just written a long letter to Amy in London, and Leanne's sister in Brisbane, and I thought now that I'm on a roll who else could I write to. Then something directed me to you. Although it's kind of more of a challenge to write to you and think of interesting things to say because we see each other so much, but I will try and make it a decent lenght. Well Maverick (my fish) is officially DEAD. After I finish this letter I am going to take him out of the tank, I just can't bring myself to do it, but no one else is here to do it for me, so it's me. I'm thinking of adopting my other fish (goose) out or buying him another play mate. What do you think? I actually think I've decided, in fact I'm pretty sure I have decided that having fish confined to such a small space to roam is just wrong. It's like having birds in cages but not as bad. I feel mean when I look at them. I need advise on the topic, do you have any encouraging words for me and goose? So have you got your book from the University yet? If so have you had a chance to check anything out: are you still keen to do it at the end of the year after next? Or have you come up with something else you would like to do? I do hope you find something else you would like to do. I do hope you find something that you really enjoy. So have you found out, or should I say has your mum found out about those plays that are on some Sundays? Don't forget to tell me, I really do want to go. And you have to tell me when you have your next Wednesday off so we can to to Revolver on a Tuesday night, if you still want to go... I am still keen to see puppets. I know I asked you at the start of my letter, but it was kind of just something people always write, but I want you to know that I am genuinely interested in how you are. Like I mean your health (your back and how the exercises are going: Are you doing them as much as you should?) your emotional state (are you happy, sad or no different since I saw you last?). Please let me know. If you need me to talk to, I am still here for you; when you need me. Well I should be going now. Sorry this letter wasn't very long, but it was quite difficult, as I said before, to think of what to write. I must go and flush my fish down the toilet now. What a job! I will talk to you soon. Until then be good to your mother.
Lots of love

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