Thursday, August 25, 2005

The clock is ticking, fool

10 things that I must do before I die

1) Stand atop the misty peak of Machu Picchu

2) Find a girl that rocks my socks - and one to which I do the same

3) Write a book

4) Let my parents know that I love them

5) Find inner peace

6) 'Walk like an Egyptian' amidst the pyramids (walking like an Egyptian is very important)

7) Become fluent in a language other than English

8) Unlock the mystery of the universe

9) Visit Russia - lecture Lenin's corpse on the failings of his doctrine

10) Complete a degree (which discipline is still to be decided)


lividia said...

re: # 1. that sharp peak in the photograph is wayna picchu. very steep, but apparently from macchu picchu itself takes only a couple of hours to climb. gotta be careful and have great shoes for it though. my sneakers didn't cut it, so i sat with a friend in the ruins near the bottom and stared at the sky. :P

Don Quixote said...

It sounds like heaven to me - I'll remember the shoe advice, though. I bet sitting in the ruins was magical regardless. :)