Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Something 'bout those little pills

Ugh! I consumed a virtual pharmacy worth of illicit substances over the weekend. I ran around in the cold with nothing but a t-shirt on and, as a result, I’m sick as hell. This isn’t the way that I had planned to spend my three weeks off. Damn! What happened to my period of sobriety?

I had a very strange dream last night, in it I had taken a trip to a run down mansion out in the forest. Nearly everyone that I have ever known - school friends; family; work mates; acquaintances - were all there. As the dream progressed some very disturbing things began to happen: some sort of creature was coming up from under the house and killing random people. Also, some of my friends had turned psychopathic, and they too were killing each other. What made things worse was that if you tried to leave the house sinister death awaited in the darkness of the woods.

I guess when you take drugs on the weekend, and then you watch Amityville Horror before bedtime, you are likely to have strange dreams.


Anonymous said...

'Satan, being thus confined to a vagabond, wandering, unsettled condition, is without any certain abode; for though he has, in consequence of his angelic nature, a kind of empire in the liquid waste or air, yet this is certainly part of his punishment, that he is...without any fixed place, or space, allowed him to rest the sole of his foot upon.'

(Daniel Defoe, The History of the Devil)

Lili said...

I loved Amityville Horror, but I sure as hell wouldn't watch it stoned.

Don Quixote said...

The original was/is far better than the remake, however it still got the job done! Yeah, it was a big mistake altering my state prior to the ingestion of horror.