Thursday, August 11, 2005


I've decided that in order to continue the process of recording my life in forensic detail I'm going to commit to type all the old love letters that I've received over the years (yes, I've kept some of them!), from highschool onwards. I like the idea of recording them because the paper that they are written on is getting increasingly frail and I fear they will not see out many more years.

I'm also going to identify what I like to refer to as a 'Friday Fuckhead'. This will entail me singling out one pathetic example of human detritus every Friday. *Coughs, and mutters George Dubblya* Some will be well known, some will be topical, and others will be those containing a healthy quota of 'fuckheadedness' that I encounter in my day to day dealings.

In other news, my three weeks of holiday leave is going fantastically. I'm reading the paper from front to back every day; listening to music; reading up on the Gulag; and generally relaxing. I've decided not to answer the phone for a couple of days to give myself a break from the evils and temptations that are constantly on offer. My toe is still sore and I seem to have woken up with a pulled hamstring. How one pulls a hamstring in the middle of the night god only knows. But even with these minor irritants subtracted from my general level of happiness I'm still feeling chipper.

Last thought for the evening: I must learn how to place links in my blog text, so that when I type 'my toe is still sore' it comes up with a link to the earlier entry that I wrote about my wounded soldier. I also want to be able to link up to cool sites and interesting news articles.

I'm sure some instructions came with this blog.



Erin said...


I love that word. It embodies so much.

Don Quixote said...

It speaks unparalleled volumes.

The world seems to be needing the liberal application of its use, more and more often.