Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Fuckhead

John Howard

John Howard, Australia's prime minister, is today's Friday Fuckhead. This nasty piece of political fungi has engaged in the following evil activities:

- Sycophantically spreading his cheeks for George Bush Jnr

- Sending troops to Iraq in order to continue our all-USA head-job

- Locking up poor asylum seekers in concentration style detention

- Beginning an industrial relations campaign set to destroy the rights of workers

- Planning to ban the right of homosexual couples to marry

- Refusing to say sorry to our beleaguered indigenous peoples for two hundred years of slavery

- Attempting to de-unionize Australia's universities

- And last, but not least, for taking on the appearance of a human toad

For these crimes and many more that I haven't bothered to add, John Howard, I salute you as today's Friday Fuckhead.

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