Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The world is an amazing place

New Delhi's high court is currently offering a 200 rupee bounty to any residents that can catch a cow. It seems that the city has a massive problem with cattle roaming the streets. Picture, if you will, these massive beasts wandering city streets, reveling in their bovine freedom. The problem is so large, in fact, that an estimated 35,000 head of cattle are milling about, with at least four people having been trampled or gored to death so far this year.

I can only suggest that this is the beginnings of a bovine revolution, sparked off by years of slaughter at the hands of the evil dictatorship known as McDonald's.

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lividia said...

hmm, who knew the problem had grown to this degree??

cows in Hinduism are considered sacred, to the point that when I was in India (Bombay then = Mumbai now) when I was 16 I was caught in a traffic jam caused by a confused one sitting in the middle of the road... and no one would dare move (or touch!) it because of moo-moo's general status.

I recall a series of people gently walking up to it and asking it (seriously? seriously.) to please maybe shimmy a little off to the side to let the cars pass. there was some general arm-waving in the tone of "over here, m'kay?" but despite an otherwise-aggravated-at-traffic population everyone pretty much calmly waited it out the 20 minutes or so before Her Majesty strolled off the road.

so I guess I can see how like 12 years later this whole thing might've gotten out of hand what with everyone too polite to shove 'em out of the way and the cows themselves sort of realizing they're the shit as nobody is stopping their bovine asses from doing anything... ;)

go cows go! :P