Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fuckheads and their fuckheaded friends

Some days... No, no, no - most days I feel ashamed of my gender:

"These delightful characters apparently met Mrs Brimble at the ship's disco on the first night of the cruise. Between then and when she was found dead in their cabin, Wilhelm had sex with her and had photos of this taken by his mates, which they proudly showed to other passengers, and another, Silvestri had received oral sex from her (although what is more likely is he stuck his cock in an unconscious woman's mouth ...what a buzz for him!). Then, after she'd died, our heroes planned to toss her body overboard, but found there was too much traffic on the ship."

It is time that men started calling out their fuckhead mates for the despicable cockheads that they are. I'll bet that at least one of the guys on that trip realized the monstrosity of what their friends were engaging in. But nobody called it. It puts a different slant on all those comments you hear from guys, such as "she's stuck up, mate, she wouldn't talk to me." I mean, do the math - every woman is going to make a calculation when she encounters a stranger out on the town: risk versus reward. What a shit calculation to have to make.


Iain said...

Perhaps yoiu should consider ther terms of derision you use in a post such as this. To refer to these men as "cunts" seems somewhat in conflict with the position that you take here . If you seek to attack sexual violence by men why do you use language that seems so mysognistic ?
Besides that I agree that these "men" if they are guilty(as it seems they are) deserve to rot in jail for the rest of their natural lives.

Don Quixote said...

You're right Iain; it is an inappropriate word to use in the context.