Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Friday night grog-blog

Last night I attended my first gathering of like minded grog drinking bloggers. It was a very interesting and entertaining evening. It was a little weird putting faces to the names - anonymous lefty looked substantially different from what I’d pictured - but it was nice to know there really are other people out there that share this strange little passion.

For photos of the night with disconcerting black squares where our heads once dwelled click here.

In other news -


MrLefty said...

Good to meet you, too!


Er, what did you think I'd look like?

ps I do note that you've linked to the comments, which had no such oddly-modified photographs...

Armagnac Esq. said...

Nice to meet you too, drop us a line next time you're up northcotian ways.

No, Bliar isn't quite the biggest kunt in the universe- there are a couple of people who crawl around his comment threads who are even worse...

Don Quixote said...

Cheers guys!

Lefty, I thought you'd be substantially older with lighter hair.

Armaniac, I'll do that. And, he may not be worst of the worst, but he gives it a good crack.

R H said...

Greetings. I've searched Mr Blair's site to find where he used the word 'retards' and had no luck.
What did he say?
Maybe you could link the comment for me.


Don Quixote said...

G'day Bob, his comment is under the post 'Packer Attackers' and the specific wording was this:

"Did I mention “hateful”? Take a look at this, from Anonymous Lefty (and be sure to read his commenters). AL happens to be a Melbourne lawyer; it may not have occurred to him that he’s wealthier than most people on earth. For that matter, he’s wealthier than most people in history. When our anonymous lawyer pal dies, let’s hope some poor bastard from sub-Saharan Africa points out his frivolous spending habits (playing with sparklers! drinking with retards!) and concludes that here was an Australian who truly “tried to invest in industries that made the world a better place.”

R H said...


Erin said...

mars volta? really?

i wouldn't agree but i think that line from the widow kicks ass.

"cause i'll never never sleep alone..."

Don Quixote said...

Yeah, I love 'em Erin!

What I recommend when it comes to them is to set aside a hour and a half to listen to the album from start to finish. You'll need to do it on headphones, and it'll probably be more effective if you turn out the lights.

I like the line: 'there's no light in the darkness of your furthest reaches...'