Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thoughts of the blog and far TOO much information

This blog has lost focus, or, rather, it never had focus. I’m not sure what I want the focus to be, but I know that I want more than there currently is. I keep a paper-based, moleskin diary for my truly dark thoughts, however I do enjoy this little endeavor, so I’m going to have to give some deep contemplation to vibe and sentiment.

I’m also thinking about placing my weathered, battle scarred face up in the picture box. I wonder what the potential ramifications of this could be? I know I’m ugly, so having the few people that read this share that knowledge with me isn’t really a concern; I am, however, a little worried that it may help one of my reality based friends chance upon this site. Hmmm, more contemplation is required I guess.

With thoughts of community spirit in mind, I went trawling tonight for some good Australian blogs. I was sadly disappointed at what I found. In comparison to the US and Canada there seems to be a dire shortage of long-running, passionate political and/or personal blogs. The ones that I was able to find have popped up magically in the sidebar.

In a complete digression, I think that blogging will likely be the death of me. You see, I work on a wireless laptop which I sit on my lap as I type in bed. My computer seems to emit some pretty potent death rays and, given the positioning in which it sits, those rays are finding their way into my balls. At the end of a half-hour sitting my balls grow quite hot and begin to ache. I’m thinking testicular cancer is not that far away; that or mutant babies. I was probably already likely to have mutant babies, so death is my major concern right now. Maybe I need to wear boxers made out of tinfoil. Now that would be a fashion statement.

[Update: Silly me. Babies are probably something that are physiologically impossible for me to have, anyway.]


circe said...

I'm worried about your testicles, and dying (bad choice of words) to see your real mug. ;)

Love your blog, I think you do a bang-up job and hope to read it for ages to come...

BTW, kerbear posts her pic alot and mine is out there but more of a scavenger hunt to find it.


Don Quixote said...

Oh, you may die if you see my mug; or you may turn to stone Medussa style! I'm a pretty rough looking guy. And I'm glad someone out there other than myself is worried about my testicles! :)

Thanks for you kind words, Circe.



Estars said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with showing your pic as an icon or something. It depends on how much of yourself you're comfortable with showing on the internet. I don't post random pics of myself 'cause I'm not comfortable putting my full name and image out there. Besides, it'd be one thing to show your face, and another to start posting naked pics of yourself.

My own parents and a few friends have yet to find out I've even been keeping a blog for the better part of 4 years, let alone that I've allowed my picture to be up as well.

If you want to protect 'the boys', invest in one of those half-pillow-half table thingies. It's essentially a pillow with a squareshaped piece of wood/wood-like substance glued to it. You put the pillow part on your lap to protect the boys, and rest the laptop on the hard surfacey part.

Don Quixote said...

You mean like a stable table Estars? I think I'll have to look into that - the current setup is causing me quite a deal of discomfort.

None of your friends or family have found out in four years? That is a well kept secret...