Saturday, December 10, 2005

Senator Sellout

The liberal government, aided and abetted by Family First's Steve Fielding, managed to pass its ideological legislation, Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU), through the senate today. With unionism in universities now voluntary it pretty much spells the death of organized activities, support and, importantly, student's first experience of political assembly. This nasty piece of legislation was introduced for no other reasons bar the liberal party's ideological hatred of unions. Steve Fielding - a supposed family man - should be ashamed of himself for crossing the floor to support this bill. (Keep an eye on this man; he has anti-abortion, anti-choice policy support on his agenda for his next little trick.)

"University of Sydney vice-chancellor Professor Gavin Brown was disgusted by the passage of the laws. "

"The passing of the voluntary student unionism Bill is a temporary victory for the red-necked Philistines that will damage Australia's reputation internationally," Prof Brown said.

Today's successful bill marks the climax in a whole stream of controversial legislation passed by the Australian government. (more on that at a later date).

[Quotes from the The Advertiser]

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