Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When you know you'll never be rich, make sure you have rich friends

I'm house sitting for my millionaire boss this week. His place is located in an uber rich part of Melbourne, right on the beach. In celebration of the occasion I've taken the week off work.

If you saw where I grew up you'd understand how palatial this place seems to me:

Photo 1: The lounge room area is about twice the size of my childhood home.

Photo 2: A nice little courtyard. Persian artifacts that weren't purchased at Myers... Yep, the real deal.

Photo 3: The kind of entertainment system that is bringing about the death of cinema. I almost feel guilty watching movies on it. And no, that isn't some sort of goat fetish animal porn.

Photo 4: My boss, in an act of faith far surpassing my worth, allows me to drive his cars while I'm looking after the villa. So, I'm faced with a difficult choice of a morning - do I drive the silver one? Or...

Photo 5: ... the red one?

Photo 6: This little one has become my friend in aristocratic decadence.

Ciao from me and meow from fur-face!



lividia said...

i am catching the next flight out of here. pick me up at the airport in the silver car. thanks.

[drooling. DROOOOOLING]

Don Quixote said...

I'll pick you up in the car if you bring some of those tasty wasabi fries that you've previously mentioned.

And a tip: the red car is faster and much more expensive than the silver one. But, the silver one is the one with the retractable hood. :)

lividia said...

bah, the 'faster' factor is always a male thing anyway (eeeenteresting...!).

sadly i'd have to fly into toronto to get the sweet potato fries with wasabi mayo, and the extra stopover would make my flight take uhh.. 143 hours in total. so it's not that it would be unreasonable so much as i'd eat them all before i got there.

sorry. :P

circe said...

Those are great pics and I'd be happy to volunteer my co-housesitting services......


Don Quixote said...

No worries Circe, you can have the silver car. :O)