Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Fuckhead

WASHINGTON. During a press conference on Thursday Whitehouse spokesman Scott McClellan was called to answer questions on a recent Q&A session that the president held with some troops currently serving in Iraq:

'QUESTION: How were they selected, and are their comments to the president pre-screened, any questions or anything...


QUESTION: Not at all?

MCCLELLAN: This is a back-and-forth.'

The day after McClellan's denial, video footage, appearing to show US troops being prepped for an interview with the president, came to light. This reveals McClellan's earlier claims that the troops weren't replying with scripted answers to be completely fraudulent.

There should be legislation in place that makes it a criminal act for any public official to make a statement that they know to be patently false or misleading. Obviously national security concerns would be an exception, but this was a propaganda stunt to boost the president's flagging popularity (recent polls show the president's approval rates at 29%).

Scott McLellan - Friday Fuckhead? You betchya!

Quotes from Talking points memo

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