Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Fuckhead

In America this week, terrible hurricane Katrina has wreaked untold havoc and death upon the lives of many. This event of historic magnitude will have an impact on more than just the immediate life or death of those in the south. On the television tonight I saw pictures of absolute chaos; people were chanting 'help, help, HELP!' Media reports are painting a terrible picture of rape, murder and anarchy. For a lot of reasons, I think that this might be a defining, and hopefully destructive, moment in the life of the Republican regime. Bush's disdain for lower income earners (read, those of black skin color) has been cast into the spotlight: there to smolder and burn like a vampire in the sun.

While the polluted, murky waters were raising above the heads of Southerners, Bush was eating cake with his buddies in sunny California. An investigation into the reasons why disaster prevention and response has been so inadequate reveals that the Bush administration diverted much needed funds away from projects, like the construction of better retaining walls around the soup bowl that is New Orleans, and instead spent that money on the pointless, phony war on terror that is Shitstorm Iraq. So basically, money was siphoned away from protecting poor, predominately black folk in New Orleans in order to bring about mass death and destruction for poor black folk in Iraq...

And meanwhile, in the midst of the turmoil yesterday; with people drowning, starving and being eaten by alligators; with a pseudo war on terror being fought; with death in her homeland and abroad, Condoleezza Rice was buying $3,000.00 shoes.

Condoleeza, I hope you polish up those shoes really well. You are my Friday fuckhead.

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