Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Love letter #1, from Melissa, circa 1997

Note to self: I’ve typed this letter out verbatim, so any spelling, grammatical or other errors are as found in the letter. This letter was received from Melissa, before she went back to Canada, circa 1997. It has a little pin of the Canadian flag still attached, and it still smells of the patchouli oil that she scented the accompanying gift with (which was a white silk scarf that she often wore).

As a little aside; we did not grow wings and fly together: I never saw Melissa again.

Dear J - - - -,

There is no possible way that words can express I’m feeling. Over this past week so much has happened. We’ve gotten so close to each other mentally and physically. We’ve explored the depths of each other in a way that’s so unique and special. You have given me wings and helped me fly, and whether you believe it or not we will fly together and explore things and have experiences that you can’t even imagine. We will be an inspiration to each other over these next few months, and when we meet again we will embark on a journey that will change and complete us forever. I promise you that (no pressure)

Until then, my heart whispers to yours and I’ll be continuously loving you.



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