Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I just received two religious publications, 'Awake!' and 'The Watchtower', courtesy of some Jehova's witnesses at my front door.

On the front cover of 'Awake!' is the title 'Shoplifting, the price we all pay'. Oh god, I've just turned the pages and it's as I feared: there is a good five pages devoted to the evil blight of shoplifting, replete with an explanation of how scripture can help us avoid the devilish temptation of the old 'five finger discount'.

Fear not though, for Jehovah tells us that "Shoplifting, like all other crimes, will soon be a thing of the past. When God's Kingdom takes full control of the earth as promised in the Bible, humans will treat one another with integrity and honesty. This means relief from the high price of shoplifting. - Proverbs 2:21,22; Micah 4:4.

But doesn't it also say in Jehovah doctrine that only so many people will get the chance to walk through the pearly gates? It is very nice of God to bring integrity and honesty to the world, but if only 2000 people are going to experience it it really isn't the greatest feat, wouldn't you say?

I've really got to finish that piece I've been writing about what I think 'God' really is.

And I've also got to finish my damn film festival review.

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