Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I think I can

After taking an extra long four day weekend off, to go to the music festival Splendor in the grass (large post coming up on that topic when I have the time to devote to it), I've found myself taking another 2 'sick days' off on top of this. The reality is that after 6 years of working for 'The Corporation' I'm utterly burnt out and find it difficult to face going in there. I'm being made redundant in March and I need to force myself to at least show up during the interim.

I really don't want to, though.

I want to stay at home in bed and read books. I want to listen to music and go to movies. I want to read the paper and stay abreast of current events. In short, I want to be retired.

My application to Uni goes through in November and I think if I can just get through 'till then it'll provide me with the energy to survive at work until May. It will give me something to look forward to although, one would think that the $26,000.00 severance package would be enough incentive.

Maybe I need to take another 2 weeks leave? I have it up my sleeve - I should probably use it because it gets taxed at a ridiculous rate if I receive it as part of my payout.

Hmm... Things to think about.


Erin said...

26 000 would take a nice chunk out of tuition

lividia said...

take the time off... i know what the corporate burnout feels like and maximize any opportunity to hide from it. if you've got it available, steal some time to research the underside of a nice duvet for a few days. i know i would... :P

Don Quixote said...

Yeah, I'm thinking the dosh will come in mighty handy during a struggling student year.

Don Quixote said...

I think you are completely right Miss Crank - all I needed was a little outside encouragement.

I'm taking two weeks off starting from next Monday! YIPPPEEEEEEE!