Friday, March 11, 2005

Campathon 2005

Ah, the rustling of leaves, the fresh scent of eucalypts, the stale smell of unwashed campers (ew), the rustic charm of the bush... It is campathon 2005!
Tomorrow 7 friends and myself are setting off on a hiking adventure around Wilson’s Prom. For those of you that aren't familiar with Australian geography Wilson’s Prom is located in the south-east of Victoria.
I haven't been camping in many years being the city slicker that I am. Perhaps as many as 10 - 15 years! I have childhood memories of getting grubby, damp and miserable during past camping expeditions, however given the weather forecast for the next 4 days (30 degrees every day)I think this shall be quite a fun little outing.
Will there be romance? Will there be ghost stories? Will we get lost? I look forward to sitting around the campsite with a torch tilted towards my face to emphasize my most scary Jason look as I tell stories of ghosts and ghouls. Unfortunately campers aren't allowed to light fires down at the prom so we will have to let our imaginations overlook that much needed spooky-story ambience. We shall also have to pretend that our marshmallows are toasted!
My only real concern about this hike is how my back will handle it. I suffer from a pretty bad back as a result of a basketball injury from high school. My backpack is quite heavy so I think I may start to feel the pinch at some stage. One of the girls that is coming along is a Physio, and a quite hot Physio at that, so maybe I shall have to ask for a back rub *wink*.
My plan is to not take any cigarettes with me this weekend to kick off my attempt at dropping the habit. I may become cranky Jason when the cravings set in however there will be no shops to purchase the evil things.
Anyway, I shall fill you all in (I don't think I have any readers yet but I shall write as if I do) on any developments, disasters or random camping hilarity that ensues during campathon 2005.
Over and out.

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