Thursday, June 01, 2006

There is a club, everyone wants in - it's called club "ex"

I've been omitting mentioning something on this blog for the last, oh, six months or so. I guess I didn't mention it because I didn't want to put the kibosh on things. But certain recent events have occurred which now allow me to fill in the blanks. You see I've been (had been) seeing a girl over the last couple of months. She was an art history post-graduate student at a university in the city. There was a lot of things I liked about her - she loved movies, had a charming personality, was far smarter than me, and she could hold fantastic conversations. Unfortunately, over the weekend she decided to join an ever increasing list of girls that have preferred the status of 'ex' Quixotic lover. Yep, she kicked my ass to the curb midday talk show style.

Now when it's one or two girls you can kind of tell yourself that it was bad timing. You weren't suited, you know? It just wasn't meant to be. She didn't appreciate your unique virtues. All the shit that Dr. Phil would tell you to think (okay, that's the second day time television reference - I promise I don't watch any). But when you've built up a base of past girlfriends large enough to fill the southern stand of the MCG you've got to ask yourself some hard questions. Do you smell? Are you an arrogant prick? Do you make Andre the Giant look pretty? The problem is that I'm generally not too bad in a relationship - I don't have high expectations, I'm loyal, I'm not jealous, and I like to maintain a sense of individuality. I think I'm fairly entertaining to be around, and I can hold a decent conversation on most topics worth discussing. I can even bring on the funny. No really.

So what am I doing wrong? Am I too casual? Ugly? Smelly? I'm no Johnny Depp, but who is? And I figure that if John Howard can find a wife then I should be able to find a girl interested in hanging around past the two month mark. One night stands are fun, sure, and yet they get a little yawn-worthy after awhile. Oh well, the idea of spending my days reading good books, watching great movies and listening to my favorite tunes isn't completely unbearable.