Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The slap of palm on forehead

I've thought about posting a couple of times. But every time I attempt to key some letters to form some words the correct sequencing eludes me. It is very difficult to write anything knowing that someone living outside of Blogsylvania* has penetrated its swirling mists and discovered this dusty little corner of net space. It's nobody's fault really (actually, it's my fault for leaving links between my real name and this site; I was a fucking rookie when I started blogging); I also suspect that others have been coming here... It's just a hunch. So, I'm going to extract a promise on Thursday night over drinks. I'm going to request that a certain someone not come back here. If that certain someone can entertain that request then I'll keep the faith and resume blogging as normal; if not, I'll have to shut down Quixote Enterprises and return in the form of another ancient literary character. I'm quite fond of blogging, so even if this space has to go there'll be another. I like the ritual of sending out this (sometimes) daily message in a bottle, and the wonderment that comes from seeing which foreign beach this jumble of awkward words has washed up upon. Time will tell, time will tell.

* I've come to detest the term R/L or whatever it is that people have come up with to describe themselves offline - you are all real people, aren't you? I'm not a lab rat caught in some bizarre experiment where the scientists watch me read blog posts written by super smart computer technology, am I?

Am I???

Possible posts for tomorrow:
- The place I'm currently living (you'll be horrified)
- Insomnia (once again, look at the time of this post)
- Sex (shattering some mysteries)


nuke said...

Good. I don't like deleting links.
Plus I like what you write about.
And it's all about what I like.
take care dude

lividia said...

I am pretty much where you are at, but without the, um, interesting de-masking sitch... oy.

I am in a place where I really miss blogging, I haven't posted in forever in any part of Blogsylvania (hee) and am missing it terribly but at a loss as to what to write to avoid certain situations in one arena and protect my extreme love of being nicely hidden.

As for your final question... no, we are not real people. simply figments of your imagination - which would raise further interesting questions wouldn't it? why would you create such characters? are conflicting 'people' simply self-induced bouts of playing devil's advocate with yourself? hmmm... ;)

circe said...

We will understand completely if you morph into something/one else. I know that's what I would do should the case arise. Just let us in on where you go... :)

GBE said...

I've been tempted to pack up shop and start over, too. It's all about having freedom to write whatever you feel, and it's sort of lost a bit of its purpose now that the real-life (sorry) people are in on the deal. (For me, that is. If you can get The Promise then hopefully all will be well.)

Don Quixote said...

Nuke - cheers mate. Even if I change sites I'll let you know what the new one is.

Cranky Pants - you do know don't you, that if you were to write about tying your shoelaces before work in the morning that you have the ability to make that shit sound interesting?

As for my character construction, the disturbing thing is I can actually picture myself inventing conflicting fictional characters for that very reason.

Circe - Will do. Besides, I enjoy reading about the strange and unusual restaurants on offer in the US too much to depart the blogosphere.

GBE - It's exactly about that. You have moved with success in the past so there's no reason why you couldn't move again in the future. You could copy and paste all the old posts from your previous blogs into the new one, putting them on 'hidden post' status so that they don't come up in a google search.