Friday, June 16, 2006

Reason #459 Why Ann Coulter Wants to Eat Your First Born Child

Ah, Ann Coulter, purveyor of hatred, crusher of souls, the world's been waiting for your new "book".

But little did we know that your depraved writings would merely be a crude assemblage of other people's sentence constructions. I guess, in this day and age, even pure hatred lacks originality.

Ann Coulter - bringing plagiarism to a bookstore near you.

Update: From PZ Meyers, Ann Coulter believes Darwin's theory of evolution is discredited science, "one step above scientology in scientific rigor," and the only reason that it's been allowed to continue being taught is because "liberals think evolution disproves God."

Funny Update 2: The Rude Pundit describes entering a bookstore to buy Ann Coulter's book:

"When the Rude Pundit purchased Coulter's "book," he went to an out of the way megastore where he could be anonymous. He asked for a paper bag so no one could see what he was carrying. He's been less discreet about buying lesbian porn mags. In fact, when he got it home, the Rude Pundit took the Coulter cover off and wrapped it in a copy of Chicks With Dicks. He'd rather people think that he jacks off to she-males than that he reads Ann Coulter."


gefilte said...

Ann has another secret:

Strap-on Veterans for Truth

Don Quixote said...

Haha, "Pudenda Shenanigans." Classic!

Boysenberry said...

Could it be that Ann reads she-male love magazines as well, and would take the wrapping of her book as a great compliment?

Don Quixote said...

That could very well be the case. It could be that her current "book" was such a load of crap because she didn't get to make the kind of book that she'd really love to.

don't act broken, even when you're broken said...

i just bought ann's "how to talk to a liberal (if you must)" it's always great to read the works of someone who believes in everything you're against.

i find myself reading more and more political books. al franken is one of my favourites.

don't mind the random comment, i linked through my great friend dharma's blog....

Don Quixote said...

"How to talk to a liberal (if you must)"! I bet as the political divide becomes more pronounced it'll be "Practical reasons for casting liberals into slavery"; then we'll probably have one like, "The final solution to the liberal problem".

I used to read a whole hell of a lot of political books - from Machiavelli through to Marx and Chomsky - but now I find the whole undertaking, on both sides of the spectrum, to be a little frustrating.