Friday, June 30, 2006

All About the Girrrrl

Well, the good news is that I took our young blog-busting girl out last night and everything went well. Lips were locked; boots were knocked. The success of the venture is made all the more surprising because I'd always suspected that if someone were to read the disturbing thoughts rolling round inside this Quixotic cranium they'd run a mile.

But, I must include -

NOTE TO SELF: Your sense of humor has a current success rate of around 1 in 10* so the next time you're taking a girl out on the town you may want to hold back on the old comic relief until you're sure you're in with a chance.

* That figure may or may not be comprised of people that are faking laughter plus the criminally insane.


Boysenberry said...

Bastard.... in a good sense!

Don Quixote said...

She's going on holidays in a week's time, so the whole thing has been rather short in duration.

E. said...


That implies she will actually be coming back though.