Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Silly Monkey

So I haven't been able to get onto the internet for a couple of days. In an effort to fix things I pulled plugs, pressed buttons, and danced around making strange caveman-like grunting sounds.

I kept getting a message saying "wireless receiver is turned off."

Today I noticed a button on my keyboard that says "Wireless."

It has taken me two days to figure this out.

Anyway, apologies for the absence, and you can expect a proper update this evening.


GBE said...

I kept trying to listen to music on my laptop and no sound was coming out. I could watch DVD's and use other media programs, but no, Windows Media Player would not cooperate.

Then I realised, after a day of frustration, re-downloading and re-installing software, and general pissed off-ness, that the mute button was pressed.

In other words, I hear ya, Don.

Don Quixote said...

It is good to know that there are fellow Neanderthals out there, struggling away with their modern appliances. We may all be locked up in a zoo one day, but at least we won't be alone.

nuke said...

A few years ago the internet wasn't working, and I'd tried rebooting, reconfiguring stuff, different ports, all that jazz. I actually called the ISP for service - the modem wasn't plugged in.

I think that makes me the bigger goober.

Don Quixote said...

That is some pretty gooberish behaviour. Mind you, the 'wireless' button on my laptop is actually lit up by a blue light.