Thursday, May 25, 2006

Patently Pathetic Points (or, Awkwardly Awful Alliteration)

Pathetic point form notes because, well, I've given up any hope of ever being a big-time, uber-serious political blogger of note. Nah, I never really had those aspirations, or at least they were fleeting; sort of like the way you dream of being that muscle-bound action hero when you're a young kid.

So, feel the sharp tip of my points:

  • I went away to Phillip Island with some friends over the weekend. While we were up there I came third in our quarterly minigolf championship. Third place is about where I fit into the world.
  • I've been very sick lately. Whatever it is that is wrong with me I'm having trouble shaking it. I wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat, and I find I'm very tired during the day.
  • I've shaved off the beard - all of my male friends liked it, and all of my female friends despised it. I guess it shows which way I'm hedging my bets, huh?
  • I've been offered some work reviewing movies for a street magazine called Inpress. Pretty cool hey? The magazine will send me DVDs and I'll send them back three hundred words. It's a pity that, despite being a massive movie fan, I can't write for shit.
  • Speaking of films, on Monday I saw L'Enfer (that's French for hell apparently). I'm on a French film bent at the moment. I'd describe French films as frustratingly beautiful - a wanky term that would probably describe one or two of my past relationships.
  • I'd like to write a post about heteronormativity. I had a frustrating discussion with some of my friends while I was away, and it's got me to thinking about how people in my position that don't plan to get married or have children are subtly pressured by the clucky masses to toe the (human production) line.
  • Jedmunds likes Oasis. I think they're okay but by no means do they ascend beyond mediocre. If you trawl through the comments on his post mine are under 'J'.
  • I haven't had a cigarette in 14 weeks. Somebody want to share a joint with me?
  • Do you suppose this may have been the most boring, and hideously insipid blog post in the history of the blogosphere?

I'm not sure why this isn't a point form note as well. I guess because it's a conclusion. There is a campy, b&w horror film on SBS at the moment, and I'm going to settle in for some spookiness.

Goodnight xox


nailpolishblues said...

'I wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat, and I find I'm very tired during the day.' Oh it's menopause for sure :p
Go see a doctor, a nice one. It's probably something to do with the quitting smoking - I have a friend who swears that the cure for tonsilitis is smoking...

nuke said...

I quite enjoy lists myself.
Good job on the no smoking!
I fell off that wagon.
Was the beard unruly? I can't speak for all women...but groomed scruff isn't always terrible.
I agree about French films - particularly films that Mathieu Kassovitz had a hand in.

Don Quixote said...

I'm not discounting menopause, not for a second.

I don't think that it's got anything to do with the smoking - 12 weeks is a long time to be quit.

I think that scruff wouldn't adequately describe my beard - unruly, unkempt or unattractive would be better adjectives.

Did you know that Mathieu Kassovitz directed Gothika?

nuke said...

Yeah, and he wrote La Haine.

Erin said...

Third place out of six billion ain't so bad.

If I thought your blog was boring I wouldn't keep coming back. You have a voice of individuality that comes through in your writing. This is why I love blogs so much. They're like reading the manuscript to someone's soul.

Don Quixote said...

Well, third place out of seven friends, but point taken.

That is the reason I read blogs as well - if you read them long enough you start to observe idiosyncrasies; unique indicators to the particular person that you're reading.