Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'd rather die than live that kind of lie

I read this rather disturbing post over at Best of the Blogs:

(Emphasis mine)

"The neighbor had a barbeque this past weekend, and after his and his guests kids had gone inside along with the women, the neighbor and two friends, over cigars and multiple whiskeys, went to their cars and brought out their guns and sat on the porch and, caressing their weapons, discussed their faith: How no Liberals were going to get in the way of their faith, how much they'd like to shoot Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and how this is going to be a Christian Nation one way or the other, and how much they were looking forward to next weekend up in West Virginia when the Capital Soldiers for Jesus are meeting for maneuvers. It was a warm night, our windows were open, they were drunk and loud, so I'm not sure I was meant to overhear, but I'm positive the neighbor was sincere when he said, When the shooting starts, I got dibs on that fucking Liberal next door.

I am not an atheist. I acknowledge a hankering for faith, but I'm agnostic as to whether it's psychological, biological, or some combination of both. And I understand the comfort of rituals, the warmth of community, the need to belong, the desire for authority that everyone feels and that some find within the structure of organized religion. I understand that my moral system is based on thousands of years of Judeo-Christian traditions. I am not anti-religious."

I have a word of advice for fundamentalists, be they Christian, Moslem or Jewish: if the shooting were to start and if it were to spill over into nations like mine, then you'd better make damn sure that the first bullet goes right between my eyes. I'm quite happy for anyone, anywhere to practice their particular brand of faith, but I'll not bow, not for a second, before some would-be theocrats that gibber and moan at some imaginary sock-puppet in the sky.

I’d rather die than live that kind of lie.

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Erin said...

Amen, brother!