Friday, March 24, 2006

Mississippi (do I have the right amount of s's and i's?)

Sex toys are now banned in Mississippi.

And the Rude Pundit is right: they don't want you to experience the joys of consequence-free sex; such elevated freedom may lead you to freedom in other areas, say, freedom of the mind.

Get out and have some casual sex while you still can because Christian fundamentalists are coming to a church near you.


nuke said...

What is so wrong with sex?
Or..why do they think sex is evil?
That's mostly rhetorical...but still.

circe said...

You spelled Mississippi right. Not that I ever lived there, I just know how to spell and I remember saying that one in my head. Years ago that is. Not recently. Really.

Don Quixote said...

Sex is the freedom to have fun without the consent of religious authorities. If you read the Pundit's article it all makes sense - what place is there for religion if you can find nirvana right here on earth?

Don Quixote said...

Circe - have you been there? What's it like?

nuke said...

Well I read the article, and I understood it. To me though..the reasoning is so flawed, that even when broken down, it *still* doesn't make sense. Gnome sane? On a fundamental level...I understand people wanting to not have sex before marriage...I understand why some priests are celibate. That kind of thing. I even understand why some people find other people's sexual proclivities to be...unseemly. Fanatacism worries me.

"what place is there for religion if you can find nirvana right here on earth?"
What's the point of people being on earth at all then, if we're made in God's image? I'm not well versed on the Bible, so I may be misinterpreting things. Also...would they really say nirvana? But now I'm being cheeky..

Don Quixote said...

It is all about control, Nuke, and it's also about imposing one's views on another section of the community. If they relinquish their control over one's right to determine the how and when of their sex lives, then they loose all control over the people that they would have follow their religion.

nuke said...

Funny that. Control plays a large part in sex too :P