Friday, March 03, 2006

Ann Coulter's weekly bile

Ann Coulter, in her latest column about who will win the Oscars and why, has completely lost her marbles. First up she admits that she hasn't watched any of the nominated films, then she proceeds to site a range of reasons that they will win; reasons ranging from race (crash), sexual preference (Brokeback Mountain), political critique (Goodnight and Good luck)... she even sites anti-anti-Semitism (Munich) at times. So Ann Coulter doesn't like gays, foreigners or talk of the holocaust. You'd think you could therefore write her off as just another nutter. But not so. Ann is still asked to give speeches at conservative functions; she still pops up as a pundit on television from time to time; and she still has a large readership on her blog. At least Ann Coulter, through speaking what's really on her mind, shows us that these views aren't as far out of the mainstream as we'd like to think.

God forbid that a movie about homosexual love be judged as good in its own right (which it is); and god forbid that a film about the insane political machinations of McCarthy (an issue that must hit close to home for Coulter given its close parallels with what’s going on in the world today) be an Oscar contender, because, well, it is a good film.


lividia said...

usually i'm the type of person that enjoys reading views that oppose my own, there's that hold 'healthy debate' and 'understanding the other side' attitude that generally prevails. not so with A(hhhhh!!!!)nn Coulter, i hear enough to piss me off via second-hand sources i can't even bring myself to bother. i can't handle the all-bluster / no-basis-in-fact style of 'debate'.

and i love how someone who *hasn't even seeeeen* the movies gets to blahblah about her oscar picks. wtf?!

both GN&GL and brokeback are my big favourites of the bunch, it's unfortunate that some people will never see those films for stupid reasons but on the other hand those types are so closed-minded that they wouldn't quite grasp the class of the former or the i-need-8-boxes-of-kleenex-and-a-tub-of-ice-cream universal heartbreak of the latter.

their loss.

Some Stalker said...

Please, ignore Coulter. She's such a crackpot. The thing is, I am sure that people are saying that because there are so many Gay people in the Academy that Brokeback is a favorite, but the reality is, I know a lot of Gay people who weren't so in love with it.

Gay men were like, sure they looked good, but could you imagine what that life style would do to your hands. Okay, so that was just one Gay man, but it was so funny that I had to use the line.

And remember the boycott of The Passion? Jews were all, "Hey that's not accurate." I was like: "No shit it's a movie. Did you believe Tara Reid as an archaeologist?"

You know what should be an Oscar favorite?

The footage I have of you. I think you would look lovely in a wedding dress.

Seriously, consider the offer.

I will be in touch...

lividia said...

DQ in a wedding dress? I'd pay to see that! ;)

Don Quixote said...

Oh god, I knew that "find me a groom" comment would come back to haunt me. But, as they say: "when you've run out of water, drink cordial." THEY don't really say that, but THEY should. What I'm trying to say is that, hey, on those cold and lonely nights that I spend up in the hills, Johnny Depp can look just as good as Mila Jovovich. (Not that I have a chance with either, but you see what I'm saying)

Anyway, I once wore a dress out for $50.00. And it wasn't even a nice dress, so I dare say you'd get me in a nice bridal gown for free.

Oh, the horrific imagery!

Iain said...

The Oscars have always been more about who's turn it is rather than which is the best film . Personally if i am going to see a film I want the experiance to be worth the price of admission. I have very different criteria for watching at home as good as "Brokeback mountian" may be a good film but this hetro bloke won't be paying to see it at the cinema and I suspect that may be the approach of a great deal of the public. After all when we watch a love story we like to believe that in some sence we envision the secenario depicted in our own lives.

Anonymous said...

You're anti-Bolt, I think you're left, and you're from Berwick (my Dad lives in Beaconsfield - and I'm down there every chance I get).

You, sir, are a legend.

lividia said...

iain - absolutely, the oscars are more about someone's 'turn', their general clout or status or perceived whateverness in hollywood. most of the time when people win it's often a matter of a good body of work rather than for the film itself unless it was a particularly stellar performance (it does happen once in a while).

i'm just wondering, however, how you deem whether or not a film would be worth the price of admission if you do not actually go to see it in the theatre? there are of course many films out there where i wish i could get my $10 and my two hours back but i am sure i didn't go into some of those thinking "well, this is going to be a financially irresponsible decision". why do you assume this movie would not be worth it? sometimes you just need to suck it up and go because of your curiosity, because you think it could be an interesting experience, because you want to have fun, not because you expect a brilliant piece of art to be presented to you on a platter for a tenner.

i feel sorry for your 'hetero bloke' reasoning for avoiding it in theatres as well, it's unfortunate that you are so uncomfortable with the concept of your own sexuality that you deem yourself too macho to be going into a certain movie (at least that's how it comes off. otherwise why do you need to emphasize your hetero status? i could practically see you puffing out your chest with that senence).

many of my more militant gay friends, in the hype leading up to the release of the film, were annoyed over the fact that the actors were promoting it and saying things like "well it's just like any other tragic love story". they were all 'no that's not fair, there are different obstacles for different types of relationships!' and blah blah blah. but that goes for anyone, that goes for any situation, and i found that i was moved by the story not because i'm pro-gay rights or pro-heath-and-jake-making-out but simply because i'm a human who has experienced relationships - you say 'we like to believe that in some sence (sic) we envision the secenario (sic) depicted in our own lives', and unless your relationship history has been perfect this is something that is universally identifiable about this story (although quite frankly i would not wish this scenario on anyone's life).

i'm not saying it's the best film ever, i'm not saying everyone on the planet should see it, but i'm just ever so sick about hearing the lame-ass reasons people have come up with to avoid seeing the film. get over it.

Don Quixote said...

Binnsy - I'm anti-Bolt, I'm from Berwick, and I'm also left of center (in the political sense); so guilty as charged.

I doubt, however, that I'll ever be able to claim the title legend in this life. But thanks for saying it.