Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some very strange search words have lead people to this site:

police "why do we need them?" watchtower

wild girls nudy

sexy love letters

sex trade

Sexy nerd

frigid fraud

giant testicles


nuke said...

You need to make an entry involving ALL those things.

lividia said...

lucky... i only have random people ending up on my site with searches like "livi sex" (because people can't spell no mo') and "shakira hates jehovahs witness".

i wish i was kidding.

Don Quixote said...

All those things? Hmmm... That would be quite an entry.

Does Shakire hate jehovahs witnesses? Why? Maybe it's because they too are small and humble and can't be confused with mountains.

lividia said...

okay so i really shouldn't accept 6 shots of soemthing with vodkaandminty stuff from strajngers at bars but they really were yummy and whhy do i want to give you a hug right now for knowing shakira lyrics?

Don Quixote said...

The urge to hug is greatly enhanced with shots of minty-vodka drinkies. That is probably why we strangers buy them for Shakira lovers at every opportunity.

lividia said...

no no, you just astound me with your knowledge of shakira lyrics... see, i'm sober now and would still hug you for that one. it's still LOL-worthy without the booziness.

and i found out that it wasn't vodka, but most likely a combination of creme de menthe and cognac. and it leads to bizarro dreams. blog post (possibly) forthcoming... :P

Anonymous said...

Shakira can hate who ever she wants, but it would be nice of her to have a little more respect for her fans that don't share the same beliefs as her, and keep her thoughts about other people to herself.