Monday, February 13, 2006

Since we last spoke

As Mr. Cheney just testified: I’m back.

I got a few things sorted out over the last couple of days. I cleared the books at work. I’ve only got nine days left! But who is counting? Leaving corporate life will be like taking a strong laxative after a particularly severe bout of constipation (actually, I’ve never suffered from constipation, but I imagine it must bite badly). On the topic of corporate tedium, Chris Cornell conjured up a fantastic metaphor with his song Pretty Noose; a pretty noose, if you haven’t already guessed it, is the corporate man’s useless adornment: the tie:

Diamond rope
Silver chain
Pretty noose is pretty pain
And I don’t like what you’ve got me hanging from

I attended university orientation and discovered there are quite a few people I know studying at Latrobe. This isn’t necessarily a good thing – I’d kind of like the opportunity to study without the usual distractions. But I’m happy with the campus itself. It is surrounded by bush land, lakes and lots of good places for walking and pondering. There is a free wireless internet signal throughout the university grounds and damned if I can’t pick up wireless on this laptop. The only drawback is that getting there is going to be a massive pilgrimage - it’s a long train ride followed by a tram ride; all told it’ll be four hours in transit a day. I guess that should afford me quality time to study.

In the midst of the transition from corporate whore to academic bore I did manage some time for pleasure. I went to the Mars Volta concert and without going into too much detail (I intend to elaborate in a later post) it was THE BEST FUCKING CONCERT I’VE EVER HAD THE FORTUNE TO BEHOLD.

I really did enjoy that concert.


nuke said...

Huzzah! On being back :P
Equally so on the school front!

lividia said...

welcome back... the school sounds interesting, i'll be interested to hear about your transition away from the corporate world. though i'd probably love to leave it as well i'm not sure i ever see myself going back to school, so i'll be curious to see if there's a weird-factor for you. ;)

Ladybug said...

Welcome back! I would die to see Mars Volta but alas, I live on a frozen desert and very few bands venture here. Um, other then like Hilary Duff who is such a publicity whore she will go anywhere.

Don Quixote said...

Nuke - huzzahs all round! I'm thinking that I might even let out a huzzah! when I walk out the front door of the office.

Livi - I'm not sure if there'll be a weird factor. It was strange at orientation to see how little the kiddies are in 1st year uni, however my plan is to keep my head down and focus on the main goal. Maybe I'll look back up again and five years will have passed and I'll have a degree?

Ladybug - I thought that Canada was fairly abundant with quality concerts? There are certainly a lot of local Canadian bands that rock - Arcade Fire, Broken Down Social Scene, Stars, Et al - hell, you even have Celine Dion rockin' the cazbar!