Saturday, February 25, 2006

Isn't irony a dead scene?

There is a song out in the Australian charts at the moment called Wasabi. I think it's performed by some guy called Lee Harding. Really, there are times when I wish I could be appointed global dictator for life so that I could ban the inexcusable dribble flowing forth from such talent-deprived tools.

Behold the rich texture of Wasabi's lyrics:

She's just like wasabi
Looks like a Barbie
Yeah she's too hot for me
She's like a tsunami
Can wipe out an army

The squeaking of sewer rats is far more melodious.

Other so-called groups that have found their way onto my hit list:

The Black-Eyed Peas - I remember back to a time when The Black-Eyed Peas released a good song (Weekends), since that time it's been the unfortunate churnings of a musical belly that would do well to deposit its grim contents into one of Bombay's filthiest, smelliest latrines.

Nickleback - perhaps they have some ironic value; I mean, imitating Bogans seems to be the new black

Rogue traders - Planning on using a Neighbors' starlet as your lead singer? Don't. It clearly doesn't work


Boysenberry said...

Ahhh, yes, Video Hits, purveyors of shite... I was watching it with Miss B, while playing board games. Is it just me or is Lee Harding a bit too try-hard-to-look-individual? His pap music certainly isn't.

nuke said...

Yeah...BEP had some decent songs (that I still like) back in the day. My main complaint is with stuff like Il Divo (those pop songs were bad when they first came out, and worse operatic).

Those Wasabi lyrics are pretty rank though, and giving the condiment a bad name.

Don Quixote said...

Yeah, Video Hits is exactly where I saw it. Oh, if I could turn back time... Lee Harding gives individualists a bad name.

My mum owns the Il Divo album, Nuke, and believe me when I say I detest it.

Erin said...

Nickelback are slowly sucking the life out of rock n' roll. Every time someone wants to buy one of their albums it takes a lot of self control to not plant the CD in their forehead like a ninja star.

Ladybug said...

Hell yes and unfortuntely they are Canadian. There are so many amazing Canadian bands out right now: Arcade Fire, Stars, Broken Social Scene, New Pornographers and yet it is Nickleback we will be remembered for. Nickleback and, gulp, Celine Dion.