Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When Garden State becomes Water World

So, we’ve had some very hot weather over the last couple of weeks. The heat was almost apocalyptic on New Year’s Eve. The risk of bushfires looms imminent. But wouldn’t you know it? I’d organized a catch-up with one of my best friends, Pip, to watch Garden State tonight, which was to take place at the Moonlight cinemas, and, in a sour turn of fortune so common that I’m soon going to dub it ‘Quixotic Luck’ it’s raining.

I swear I saw a boat float past my window this morning, borne upon the heady tide of this day’s deluge. Perched upon its wooden chassis was a great, grey-bearded man who was summoning unto himself two of every animal.

But it may simply have been sleep’s dust messing with my visual acuity.


nuke said...

At least it wasn't snow almost halfway up to your knees. :P

Don Quixote said...

Now that would be pretty cool! I've never seen real live snow before. But drizzle? That ain't fun. As it was, the heavens cleared and I was able to enjoy Garden State on relatively dry terms.

nuke said...

At least you don't have to shovel rain :P
A good thunderstorm is awesome to watch.
I thought there were a few places in Aus that got snow? Just not near you? Or am I thinking or some other continent? :P
(huzzah GS!)

Don Quixote said...

A big huzzah for GS! I've decided my favourite scene is as the end when he confronts his father. Yeah, there are a few places that get snow - in the mountains - it's just that the mountains are few and far between and the sunny places are in abundance. I want to see some real snow before I die.

And thunderstorms rock - we get some great ones here.