Monday, January 02, 2006

Seven wonders

So I've been tagged for a meme by the esteemed Mr Bartlett over at The daily aneurysm, and although some of the questions are the same as asked in a previous meme there are some slightly different ones as well. I've just copy and pasted the old answers into this one:

Seven Wonders

Seven things to do before I die:

1) Stand atop the misty peak of Machu Picchu (Wayna Picchu)
2) Write a book 3) Find peace
4) 'Walk like an Egyptian' amidst the pyramids (walking like an Egyptian is very important)
5) Become fluent in a language other than English
6) Unlock the mystery of the universe
7) Visit Russia - lecture Lenin's corpse on the failings of his doctrine

Seven things I cannot do:

1) I can't say goodbye to girls that I love
2) I've never been able to stick to instructions when constructing something
3) Talking with other guys about cars is something I'll never be able to do
4) I have a bad back and, consequently, I can't touch my toes
5) I can't speak another language (yet!)
6) I can't play the banjo with my teeth (nor with my hands for that matter).
7) I can't accept phony, trumped up wars on terror.

Seven things that attract me to blogging:

1) Capturing my personal history
2) Typing instead of handwriting (if you saw mine you'd understand).
3) Wow, this is a hard one
4) That last one wasn't really a point
5) I'm nearly at 7
6) Almost...
7) Done?

Seven things I say most often:

1) I have a theory...
2) That is CRAZY!!!
3) Are you serious?
4) Does maniacal laughter count as something a person 'says'? Possibly not, but I laugh maniacally quite a bit...
5) Here comes an avalanche of bullshit...
6) Wowzers! (I haven't been able to stop saying that since I first watched Inspector gadget when I was 12 years old)
7) Hell's bells!

Seven books that I love:

1) The 1st Circle -A Solzhenitsyn
2) August 1914 & November 1916 - A Solzhenitsyn
3) The Trial - F Kafka
4) Don Quixote! - Cervantes
5) How To Be Alone - Jonathan Franzen
6) The collected works of Oscar Wilde - Guess who?
7) Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

Seven movies that I watch over and over again:

1) Lost in translation
2) Three colors: red, white and blue
3) Citizen Kane
4) 1984
5) Mulholland drive
6) A clockwork orange
7) Paris Texas

Seven songs I play over and over:

1) Multiple spouse wounds - The Mars Volta
2) Packed like sardines in a crushed tin box - Radiohead
3) Can't make a sound - Elliott Smith
4) The crystal ship - The Doors
5) The werewolf - Cat power
6) The cedar room - the doves
7) The man who sold the world - David Bowie or Nirvana

Seven people I want to join in on this meme, whatever parts are applicable, either in the comments here or on their own blogs:

I'm not entirely sure that seven people read this blog, but if you'd like to do it then I'd definitely be interested in your answers.


Jadenfish said...

good luck with that unlocking the mystery of the universe thing!

Don Quixote said...

Thanks Jadenfish! I figure I'll learn how to cook first and then work upwards from there.

the amazing kim said...

I still say "Wowser" as well.
Those New Zealanders are doing well with their mass indoctrination device, though sometimes I wish they would use it for things other than cartoon shows.

Don Quixote said...

Indeed they have, kim, but is Inspector Gadjet a New Zealand production? 'Cause that is where I get 'Wowser' from.