Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pictures from holiday morning

Every year after Santa has come down the chimney and done his evil work, I have an open house for breakfast. Friends and family abound; and copious amounts of fruit, croissants and alcohol are consumed. It is a great way to start a day otherwise dominated by boring family commitments.

Here are some photos from the holiday just past:

Some friends, ma and pa Quixote and a disheveled Don

Some random child assaulting my beloved pooch


nuke said...

The t-shirt made a holiday comeback, nice :P

lividia said...

bwahaha! didn't notice the shirt until it was mentioned - but now i look back, i see it was paired with a jacket as previously recommended. woot! ;)

what was i actually going to say?

oh yes... looks like a nice crew, and a fun time (inclusive of alleged dog-assault, because when the thing looks like a ball of fun-fur with eyes it doesn't really count as 'assault' per se...). i wish i had that kind of holiday morning, it's one of the things i whine about as one of those people who doesn't celebrate christmas. i was lucky enough to enjoy a few years of that with the family of an ex and am constantly wishing for more. so jealous!

Don Quixote said...

Indeed, Nuke, the t-shirt has made a comeback of sorts. I'd probably attribute it to having no other available clean shirts in the cupboard or on the floor.

And, Livi, we aren't really observers of Christmas per se, we just love a damn big shindig! Actually, the tradition of having friends over holiday morning all began with a friend of mine being kicked out of home about 10 years ago. It is definitely a post-worthy topic, methinks.