Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Holiday!

Happy annual-ritual-that-the-Christians-stole-from-the-Pagans day everyone!

Play hard but fair.


(p.s - I do realize the irony of calling it 'happy holiday' in lieu of the Christian sentiment)
(p.p.s - 'Holiday' is a derivative of 'Holy day' if you didn't understand the first p.s)
(p.p.p.s - This is a token p.p.p.s, just 'cause I've never gone to three before)


Ladybug said...

And a happy holy day to you Mr. Quixote! Ding dong merrily and may all your christmas' be bright. Don't dash too quickly through the snow and only jingle your bells when it is appropriate. :)

nuke said...

Have a good day :P

circe said...

Bah humbug!


Don Quixote said...

Thanks guys! Hope you all had a good one. Now we move on to the real celebration - New Years!