Monday, November 14, 2005

Ask him the why, not the how

I think that our officials, politicians and legislators, as a condition of election, should be compelled to complete a rigorous course in philosophy. Viewing decisions through the blinkered vantage of ‘left’ and ‘right’ wing politics is a recipe for a very bland meal; one likely to be consumed throughout the future of mankind.

Don’t get me wrong, the lessons of history, law and political theory are important - they provide intellectual capital, and give structure to the decision-making process – but a capacity for (some) philosophical contemplation would provide our leaders with something just as important: wisdom.

The way I see it, intelligence is the how? - how do we achieve this financial aim? how do we apply this rule? - and wisdom is the why? - why do we want to achieve this financial aim? why do we require this rule? - and a disproportianate focus on either question over the other is a truly dangerous thing.

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