Thursday, October 13, 2005

Chasing down the Don

For years there has been much speculation as to whether Don Quixote is fact or fiction; myth or reality. There have been sightings, but so far there has been no hard evidence. Last night I received these pictures which I'm submitting as further proof in the hunt for the real Don Quixote.

Photo 1: This appears to be the tattooed shoulder of the mythical Don.

Photo 2: Apparently the Quixote creates a lair which is made from a wall of books and CDs. This photo, taken in the very burrow of the beast, appears to reveal a CD stand: damning evidence of his existence.

Photo 3: The Don is known to roam the underworld with a ferocious lackey. This fearful picture appears to show just such a ferocious fiend.


lividia said...

eeeee!!! i love the dog, love the dog!!! hee. !!

Don Quixote said...

She is a tyrant, and a menace, but I love her.

But how could you mention the dog when confronted by such a fantastic shoulder?

some girl said...

Because the dog is far greater than the mythical beast, the fearless (and tyranical?) companion is clearly the crux of the evidence that one Don Quixote does indeed exist.

Estars said...

The dog certainly strikes fear into my heart :P

Don Quixote said...

I knew I shouldn't have put that damn dog in the picture - she always steals my show!

I was going to leave a comment on my own blog anonymously, stating how terrific that shoulder is and what an awesome CD collection is on show. :)

Estars said...

Shoulders can be faked.
Sidekicks know your truths and lies.
Hence the favourtism towards the dog :P