Friday, October 21, 2005

And today in sport...

Channel 10 news just reported that birds imported over here from Canada have tested positive to the avian flu virus.

I wonder if this is the result of a vendetta secretly held by one of my Canadian blogging contemporaries?

In other news, I've taken the day off work to study. I've completed one practice exam so far and I plan to do two more this evening. I got 99% on the one that I did today; hopefully a positive sign that I won't screw up tomorrow.

Thinking about doing the real thing tomorrow makes my palms sweat and my head itch.

Thanks Sam, Livi and 'anonymous' for the good luck wishes.

Oh, and I can't help liking that cheesy pop song by those two twins; the one that goes something like: 'Come on baby we ain't gonna live forever. Let me show you all the things that we could do. You know you wanna be together. And I wanna spend the night with you.'

I hate myself so much for liking it.


lividia said...

so how'd it friggin' go already?!

Estars said...

Hey, were you talkin' about me? What're you doing eating our birds anyways?? I'm a hoser...I've been in my own little world because of school and work and not been paying attention to anyone lately. Hope your exam went well, prolly did by the sounds of the practice one :P

Don Quixote said...

I think it went okay, Livi, but I'm trying not to think about it either way until I have the results in my hand.

It is a standardized test. The implications of this are that a high demand in a particular field of employment - say engineering - can greatly differ the demographic of the people which sit it in a given year; this in turn can greatly effect the results of your test. Ergo, one year a whole heap of brainy engineering hopefuls might sit it, rendering your score pitiful, and another year a whole bunch of budding garbologists might attempt it, making you a superstar.

Don Quixote said...

Ha! Why? Do you have something to confess, Estars? We eat your birds because they're tasty! Mmmmm! Naw, apparently it was coming over here as part of the exotic bird trade (a trade I don't really like the idea of much).

How has your course been going? Linguistics, right?