Thursday, July 21, 2005

Silent, indeed

Last night saw me twiddling my thumbs at the HiFi bar whilst watching those amazing lips sing those amazing tunes… Those amazing lips belong to the lead singer of Bloc Party and those amazing tunes were courtesy of that same band. I know the whole Brit-Pop, art-rock thing has been done a million times; Bloc Party just seem to do it really well. I just can’t get over the lips on the singer - we are talking Angelina Jollie lips on a man! Anyway, back to the music: it was a fantastic set, the vital ingredients being:
  • Great Sound
  • Great Songs (Ok, so I’m a little biased here as I loved the album)
  • I found a great position to watch them from
  • Good company
  • A good support act (Cut copy: they are a sort of electro-pop outfit)
  • Free soda water!

The only drawback from the gig is that upon leaving the venue I noticed a ringing sound in my left ear. My left ear, incidentally, happened to be the ear that was right next to the blaring speakers. When I woke up this morning the ringing had disappeared - unfortunately, it has been replaced by a dull, soundless sensation. The last thing I need, compounded on top of my broken toe, is a damaged ear. I don’t want to be one of those old people that is constantly yelling “WHAT??? WHAT DID YOU SAY SONNY???” I prey that I’m only experiencing temporary deafness. I have promised my left ear that I shall wear plugs from now on (however unsightly they may look) if they hold their end of the bargain by allowing me to hear properly once again!


Elevatorstars said...

Are they a good show live? I got their cd on whim a few weeks ago and I really like it. But sometimes live bands can really suck, be really entertaining, or are just weird. Angelina Jolie lips on a man... so were they like Mick Jagger lips then? Or just puffy? that's a little frightning..

Why free soda water? Of all things? I don't find soda water very refreshing... maybe it's just me...

That dull sound goes away after about 12 hours, maybe a day at most. The deafness only really happens if you're CONSTANTLY standing next to the speakers at concerts, and going to a lot of them. I'm also not an expert so I'm pretty much just talking out of my ass on this, but don't make any promises to body parts you don't think you can keep :P (the promise or the body part) ;)

Don Quixote said...

The are an absolutely fantastic live act - the best that I have seen this year. I saw them again over the weekend and they rocked!

I find soda water with ice and a slice of lime very refreshing, I think because I'm going through a period of enforced sobriety I need a drink that has some fizz and allows me to feel like I'm drinking something with a bit of a kick (even if that isn't really true!)

That dull sound is still hanging around unfortunately - I went to a massive concert over the weekend which served to reinforce the damage! :(