Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Broken soldier

This morning as I was heading down stairs I tripped and fell. I was clutching a blanket around me against the cold, and the edge of it caught under my heel and sent me flying, feet first, towards our hard wooden floorboards. The end result was, aside from a significant amount of cursing on my part, extreme pain, a broken toe and a badly torn toenail.

I wasn't really sure if I should go to the doctor - what can a doctor do for a broken pinky? I don't think they could place it in a cast, although, that would be quite funny if you think about it. The toe itself has swollen up and turned an ominous purple colour. It refuses to stop bleeding and is also very sore to touch. Poor Pinky!

A positive that came out of the accident is that I was able to test out my new digital camera and, I was able to see if I can put photos up in this diary. Yay! It has worked: ok, I know it isn't the most pleasant picture, however I will be able to put all sorts of interesting (interesting to me at least!) images up in the future. I'm really glad now that I made the journey over from diaryland, which was really complicated, to blogspot, which is extremely user friendly. I was trying for quite some time to get photos up in my previous diary but it never worked; here it worked first time.

Anyway, I have managed to turn a painful negative into a bizarre positive via the wonders of photographic and cyber technologies. The broken toe is protesting but my lips have won out as they are currently forming a smile.


Elevatorstars said...

As a hater of feet (even my own) - ew!
You could just tape your small toe to the one next to it, it eases the pain a little. If you didn't want to see a doctor that is. Although I don't think it's silly to see a doctor about a broken toe :P

Don Quixote said...

You're just fortunate I put a miniature picture of my foot up! The worry I have is that I have broken my foot as well as my toe (the whole thing has blown up today), which means I shall have to see a doctor tomorrow. The good thing is that I may be able to mooch another week off work (I'm on leave this week). On balance I'm thinking I can work this to my advantage! :)

Elevatorstars said...

It's always good when you can work the system :p