Thursday, March 17, 2005

Snap Dragon

I purchased some more clothes today, far more than I intended to. I bought them from Dangerfield and a vintage clothing store called Out of the closet. My new wears include 1 - pair of black jeans, 1 - pair of very strange pants, 1 - cheap pair of slacks (which probably look better than the previous two far more expensive pants), 1 - black t-shirt and a black belt.
I seriously had no intention of buying any clothes at all however the girl in Dangerfield was really pretty and I got roped into it. I'm pretty sure she was just saying she liked everything to make me buy more stuff but it was nice to have a funky chick pay attention to me and pay me compliments. She looked a lot like an ex of mine with big shiny eyes and a warm cherubic face. I guess I got ripped off but it was fun!

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